Thanks for paying a visit to my online gallery and print shop! This is a platform where I curate and sell the photographic work I'm most proud of, after more than 20 years of exploring the medium. Here you'll also find my portfolio of portrait photography – another lifelong passion of mine – and musings that inform my creative process, on my blog.

Limited edition, museum-quality prints

I print my photographs on the highest quality archival etching paper – for a subtle painterly texture, and vivid colours that will last a lifetime. Each image is limited to 15 prints, in two sizes, signed and numbered by me.

Framing available upon request (South Africa only).


Whether it's in studio or in nature, classical or experimental, I love the process of capturing something essential about an individual. I believe that everybody should have a beautiful, definitive portrait taken of themselves every five years, bearing witness to our unique existence as we evolve. My ambition with any portrait photograph is to create the kind of image your grandchildren might one day hang in their living room.

Creative portraits

Through multiple exposure photography, collage, and other forms of visual play, I love creating portrait images that explore multiple facets of a person's identity. Unconventional, creative portrayals also lend a sense of magic, energy, and intrigue to the subject.

Classic Studio Portraits

At the other end of the spectrum from my vivid, abstract, multiple exposure photography, I'm drawn towards classicism in portraiture – mainly owing to my training as a cinematographer. I strive to create noble, honest portraits; physical heirlooms, with posterity in mind.

Environmental Portraits

A natural environment not only makes for a beautiful photographic backdrop, it tends to ground us, and infuse a special energy and light into the image. Nature helps foster a sense of comfort, which can in turn be portrayed as a sense of belonging on earth; oneness with the universe.