Dylan Culhane | Multiple exposure landscape photography | FAQ


Multiple exposure photography, or double exposure photography, refers to a technique where the photographer intentionally (and sometimes unintentionally) superimposes two or more images on top of each other: Multiple images are exposed on the same frame of film.

It has been used as a creative device by film photographers for almost as long as the art form has existed. In the digital age, many new DSLR cameras include a multiple exposure function to emulate this effect in real time. Whether its on film or a digital sensor, the approach remains largely the same, as do the results.

Because photographic prints can be replicated endlessly – particularly since professional fine art printing has moved beyond the darkroom into the digital realm – a limited edition print is a way to ensure the relative uniqueness of an image. This can range from a single edition, to an edition of several hundred. The former is naturally more valuable than the latter.

Regardless, there are a finite number of prints that can ever exist, and the artist (or a gallery on their behalf) makes this guarantee. Limited edition prints are typically signed and numbered by the artist, and may include a certificate in instances where authenticity is paramount. For collectors, limited availability increases the relative value of the print, and so its price might even increase progressively as the edition draws towards its end. Beyond the big auction houses, there is some satisfaction for the everyday collector in knowing that they have something special and rare in their home. 

From the artist's perspective, setting a limit on the number of prints made signals an intention to create something of value; a work of art. Living as we do in a non-stop stream of photographic images, the act of elevating a single one of these to the status of a desirable artwork requires the artist to bring it into physical existence, and establish its relative worth. 

I sell my images in editions of 30 – 15 large, and 15 small. Once these 30 prints have been sold, they will remain unavailable forever. This excludes 2 'Artist's Proofs' (APs) of each image, which I retain for my personal estate in case an edition does sell out. 

After any years of printing an exhibiting my work, I have fallen in love with the way my photographs appear on etching paper. This textured, non-reflective 'photo rag' elevates the image to a space where photography and painting blur, unlike the glossy prints most of us associate with photography. In my quest for the perfect paper, I've been happiest with, Hahnemühle German Etching – objectively one of the finest papers available for fine art prints. 

That said, I am open to customising your print if you have a specific paper or material in mind. Please get in touch to discuss any requests.

Find out more about Hahnemühle German Etching paper, and my quality control.

Yes I do! Beyond portrait commissions, I love photographing special places that may have significance for you; interpreting it in a unique visual way that unlocks a sense of being there. Having a photograph of a special place in our lives hanging where we can access it any time  – like a portal – is one of the best reasons to buy any kind of art.

Please get in touch if you have any particular ideas in mind, I'm always happy to discuss.

Sure... I mean, if you credit the artist, right? Those are the playground rules as far as I understand them :) 

Please get in touch if you'd like to use my images for anything else, or if it feels like a grey area.

I print my photographs on two standard sizes: Large (approx. 90cm x 60cm), and Small (approx. 50cm x 33cm). This includes a slim white border for a signature, and handling. Custom sizes are available upon request – including extra large prints, and even wallpapers. Please get in touch to discuss these options.

Yes I do, at a baseline rate of ZAR 750 (approx. USD 50). 

Unfortunately, the South African postal service isn't very reliable for overseas deliveries – made worse with the ripple effects of lockdown. Because of this, I use international courier services like DHL or FedEx, depending where in the world you are. Rates and delivery times vary from region to region, so I would encourage you to email me if you're ordering from outside South Africa, and I'll work out the best option for you before finalising your order.

All my prints are sold unframed, but I am always open to consulting on framing with customers. For South African customers, I do offer framing as a service, leveraging some great contacts at reasonable prices. In these instances, I charge 20% of the framing production cost for consultation and administration – excluding the additional delivery cost. 

Having previously owned a photography gallery, and framed hundreds of my photographs over the years, I have some great framing ideas to really maximise the impact of the artwork, and make it suit its environment perfectly. In my view, framing is the final touch of the completed artwork. Considered framing can bathe a print in glory!

Please get in touch if you'd like to explore framing options with your order.

I do a print run and a delivery run once a week, and deliveries typically happen within 3 days. So, anticipate 5-10 business days between placing your order and receiving your print (in South Africa). You will receive delivery updates, with tracking, once your order is placed.

Absolutely! A beautiful, vivid art print makes a wonderful gift – especially when the recipient gets to choose their favourite one. I offer gift vouchers for small prints and large prints*, which you can find here.

*Please note that, owing to ongoing increases in production costs, gift vouchers must be redeemed within two years of purchase.

That's easy – just send me an email via dc@dylanculhane.com, and we can arrange a suitable date and time, discuss prices, and of course your desired outcome.

Both – it depends what you're looking for. I work from a large, bright studio in the Cape Town CBD, but if you'd prefer an outdoors shoot we'll need to discuss which environment suits the shoot best. I have a great list of forest, mountain, beach, and ocean locations in and around Cape Town, to keep travel time to minimum.

Definitely. I love shooting couples, families, and groups as much as I love shooting individual portraits. Rates are the same for both.

This varies depending on the duration of the shoot, the extent of the editing/retouching you'd like, and the number of final images you'd like to receive. 

As a guideline (for 2021), you can expect to pay around R3 000.00 for a 1-2 hour shoot, which includes the delivery of 10 final edited images. I typically shoot fairly natural portraits, but can easily arrange make-up and/or styling at an additional cost, which I'll quote on request.

I can also arrange for your favourite image(s) to be printed and/or framed for posterity.

It's a weird time, but I think we'd all agree that some extra precaution is worth it for the peace of mind. Thankfully portrait photography inherently requires social distancing, as the photographer needs adequate space from their subject(s). Using longer (telephoto) lenses helps in this regard – but also makes for a more flattering portrait. My studio is very large, so there's ample space to stay in your zone!

That said, I happily observe all the standard safety protocols: wearing a mask, maintaining hand sanitiser on set and using this regularly, and generally keeping some distance. If you are worried, I'd suggest considering an outdoor shoot, where the open air makes potential infection far less likely.

I will of course have all your details, so will be able to initiate contact in any instances where either party has been exposed to a potential case of COVID-19 in the days preceding our shoot.