Harkerville Scrawl

R 3,500.00
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Multiple exposure photograph, 35mm film
Harkerville MMV
Limited edition print on Hahnemühle German etching paper

Available as a single edition (1/1) NFT on OpenSea 

I’ll never forget the day I first discovered Harkerville, and this photograph is a testament to that wonderment. On the far edge of a massive forest plantation, you stumble out the woods to discover a vast emerald green valley, circumvented by a footpath that takes you to edge of an astounding sea cliff, and then ascends steeply to a loud, wild beach festooned with gigantic boulders splattered with vivid lichen.

In terms of my own aesthetic kinks, Harkerville ticks most of the boxes: a panoply of trees, shrubs, flowers, boulders, pebbles, lichen, rock pools, waves, and – on this particular day – a stupidly blue sky with some fluffy clouds for good measure. I can still remember the ‘fuck yeah!’ flourish of excitement I had as I framed up this idyllic vista… and then made two more exposures from my painting sketchbook to infuse this impression with the child-like sense of joy I felt in that moment