Why paper quality matters

Without question, the images you see on the screen in my gallery look infinitely better on paper than a phone screen. There's something about the radiance of the colours, the subtle shifts in hue, and the organic texture of the paper, that gives a photograph in physical form real value. It transmutes feeling in the way pixels simply cannot.

We all see hundreds of images every day, so I consider the fact that somebody would choose to make one of my photographs a feature in their daily life to be a tremendous honour. In return, I'm uncompromising in the delivery of a premium product that you will cherish for a lifetime.

For these reasons, my philosophy with printing is that if you love an image enough to hang it on your wall, you ought to bring it to life in the best possible quality. Who knows? I might even become world famous and turn the pretty picture above your desk into a bona fide investment. So, just in case, it's museum-quality or nothing for me. Seriously though, subs-standard paper is prone to warp, fade, and peel over time. If you're investing in art, longevity has to be considered.


Good old German engineering

After any years of printing an exhibiting my work, I have fallen in love with the way my photographs appear on etching paper. This textured, non-reflective 'photo rag' elevates the image to a space where photography and painting blur, unlike the glossy prints most of us associate with photography. That said, I am open to customising your print if you have a specific paper or material in mind. Please get in touch to discuss any requests.

In my quest for the perfect paper, I've been happiest with, Hahnemühle German Etching – objectively one of the finest papers available for fine art prints.


From the Hahnemühle website:

"Hahnemühle German Etching is a traditional mould-made copperplate printing paper, complete with an inkjet coating designed especially for Fine Art applications. The white art paper made from 100% alpha cellulose is characterised by its extraordinary velvety tactile feel and its fine, clearly defined felt structure. The unique surface texture adds a very special touch to images, showcasing them in all their splendour with impressive three-dimensional effect and depth. The premium matt inkjet coating guarantees outstanding print results with excellent reproduction of colour and detail, deep black and optimum contrasts. German Etching is acid- and lignin-free and meets the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance. This heavyweight FineArt inkjet paper is one of the most popular paper for Fine Art prints and art reproductions thanks to its characteristic tactile feel and surface texture."

  • 310 gsm, 100% α-cellulose
  • White
  • Clearly defined felt structure
  • Matt premium inkjet coating for outstanding print results
  • Acid- and lignin-free
  • ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance


I print my photographs on two standard sizes: Large (approx. 90cm x 60cm), and Small (approx. 50cm x 33cm). This includes a slim white border for a signature, and handling. Custom sizes are available upon request – including extra large prints, and even wallpapers. Please get in touch to discuss these options.

Signed, sealed, delivered 

Before any print leaves the studio, I personally inspect it for flawless reproduction, and sign each print by hand. This is my assurance of quality, as well as a guarantee that each print forms part of a limited series. Once I have printed 32 reproductions of an image (15 small, 15 large, 2 artist proofs), that image is permanently discontinued.

This adds investment value to my work, but it's also just nice to know that you own a fairly unique image  – with a very finite number of reproductions in existence. In accordance with the care I give each print, they are safely packaged (tubes for large prints, flat pack cardboard for small prints) to arrive in pristine condition. I do a print run and a delivery run once a week, so delivery within South Africa typically takes 5 – 10 days.


Having previously owned a photography gallery, and framed hundreds of my photographs over the years, I have some great framing ideas to really maximise the impact of the artwork, and make it suit its environment perfectly. In my view, framing is the final touch of the completed artwork. Considered framing can bathe a print in glory! 

All my prints are sold unframed, but I am always open to consulting on framing with customers. For South African customers, I do offer framing as a service, leveraging some great contacts at reasonable prices. In these instances, I charge 20% of the framing production cost for consultation and administration – excluding the additional delivery cost. Please get in touch if you'd like to explore framing options with your order.