Tripping on Railay (III)

R 3,500.00
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Multiple exposure photograph, 35mm film
Krabi, Thailand MMXVI
Limited edition print on Hahnemühle German etching paper

There’s a psychedelic aspect to most of my work, focused as it is on superimposed planes of reality merging into surrealism. This image, however, was made under the influence of LSD, during a day spent meandering the Railay Beach peninsula in Krabi, Thailand.

I was on my own, and the acid took hold of me quite powerfully, and beautifully. I think I walked the same circular path around the peninsula at least six or seven or so times, as any sense of direction and geographic orientation melted away like the cliff faces towering up from the sapphire ocean. With one roll of film loaded in my camera, I managed to make a series of multiple exposure photographs before my motor functions became entirely scrambled.

The end result sketches a surprisingly accurate representation of my vivid, discombobulated recollections. It took few weeks until I had the film developed, but as soon as I saw these frames, the colours and sounds and tastes and insights flooded back instantaneously.